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Prayer- It Doesn’t Work that Way

July 15, 2013

Most people believe that their prayers are limited to those formal times when they specifically bow their heads and address God directly. It doesn’t work that way!

Below is a conversation where a wise little old lady helps a business woman see the reality of her prayers.

 “Okay, about how many hours a day was your focus on your products, employees and customers?”

 “Almost every waking hour was geared to that end. At least 12-16 hours every day.”

 “And how many hours per day would you say you spent venting?

 “Well, just guessing? I’d say I spent about 15 minutes lashing out and expressing my woes angrily to God. That’s about all the energy I had left after working such long hours.”

 I paused, once again reflecting on the pain I was able to pack into those sessions. Then I added, “So….. that would be one fourth of an hour per day.”

 Another pause …………… “Okay “Okay! I get it.

  You’re saying that my focus was at least 50-1 on producing a good product to yelling at God …Wow!”

 I was really kind of shocked by my revelation. In my mind, I spent all my time being angry, but in reality, she was right.

 “I’m not really in tune with the prayer part here, but I sure understand the math. And if I go back to the idea of what you focus on expands that you have been telling me about, I guess it really does ring true here.”

 “See Angela, we are always praying.  Our every thought, action and attitude is telling God what we really want in our lives. 

 Your life IS your prayer!”

  “Can’t you see it?   The life you lead, where you put your energy, is your most prevalent prayer. And certainly a life focused on producing the best products and dedicated to caring for the welfare of your employees was a prayer that was continually answered.  Everything you are telling me, about your employee calling you, about blindly going where the problems were… Well, they were both answers to the prayer that the largest part of your life had become.

 Your prayers were always being answered. You have always been taken care of. You just haven’t been able to see it. Because you did not realize you were getting exactly what you were asking for.

 The more energy, the more attention you put into anything, the more powerful connection there is to God’s help.  And you are never more than a breath away from it.

_______________________________________________________Dina Dove

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