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Planting Forgiveness

July 6, 2013

Several years ago, I had a really big issue. Six close business associates turned their backs on me. These people had been my friends and I felt extremely betrayed. Even then I knew the power of forgiveness but, I just couldn’t do it. Because I couldn’t forgive, I couldn’t move forward. So I had an inner struggle going on as well.

 I’ve spoken about the fact that making a habit takes about 21days. And…. I sure needed to change my bad habit of focusing on my hurt. So I lined up 6 mugs in my kitchen window and planted a tiny plant in each one, knowing that it would take a good deal of attention to make them grow. And… that it would take at least 21 days.

The first day I forced myself pray for blessings for those 6 people. Each day after that I associated my love and good wishes for the health of each person’s plant with good thoughts toward the person that plant represented.

The plants flourished and my forgiveness and ability to move ahead also happened.  6 weeks later, spring had arrived and I planted them in my garden where they remain all these years later. And you know, even to this day, when I see them out there, I lovingly remember their association to those six people.

___________________________________________________________________Dina Dove

As an author, inspirational speaker, and coach, I am dedicated to helping people remember who they really are at their deepest core and discover their unique path to career and personal fulfillment.

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Change, Glorious Change

July 2, 2013

While many people balk at change, I love it. In fact, when there is not enough change in my life, I get complacent and feel like life is standing still.

Over the last couple days, I’ve totally moved out of one part of my huge house and into the other half. It’s given me a chance to shake things up a bit.

Look at all the great things that have happened just from that change.

  1. I’ve rediscovered many things that I’d completely forgotten that I had.
  2. In rediscovering my high school yearbook and looking at my 17 year old self on the pages, I noticed how much my physical appearance had changed.
  3. In that change I also became more grateful  for the fact that I’m much wiser and more contented. So what if there a wrinkles. I’ve come to love myself as I am.

Back to the move and the positive aspects of that change, I am invigorated by putting my life back together in a new way. I’ve cleaned out the old and started anew in a fresh office, looking out on a new balcony.

Shake your life up now and then. It’s a boost to your creativity.

Ah! The glory of change.

______________________________________________Dina Dove

As an author, inspirational speaker, and coach, I am dedicated to helping people remember who they really are at their deepest core and discover their unique path to career and personal fulfillment.

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Mini Vacations of the Mind

October 13, 2009

Most people think that a mini vacation is one where you take off for a long weekend, but I’m talking about the kind of vacation you can take in a minute…. no matter where you are. And you can take this respite to far away places and even to other eras.

There is no restriction on time, money or airline schedules.

One of my favorite movies of all times is Dances with Wolves; so much so that when it was playing in theatres, I went to see it 8 times. ( That is a big deal for me, because I just don’t see movies more than once. )

Anyway, when I drive to Wichita from my home close to the Missouri Ozarks, I drive right thru the Flint Hills on Highway 400. There is about a 10 minute stretch of road where, with only a small amount of imagination, I can transform my car into a covered wagon. I do this by pulling out the Dances with Wolves soundtrack and slide it in my CD player.

And viola!  I’m on the frontier. 

In the words of John Dunbar, “Before it is gone.” …expecting any minute to see a buffalo. The music fills me. The prairie is pristine, peaceful.

I’m in a more simple time.

One could go even further and imagine that Kevin Costner is with me. And there is a blanket, a cabin and ….  I hit Leon and my fuzz buster starts beeping. (There is always a speed trap at Leon).

My covered wagon becomes a Camry again, foot to the breaks, eject the CD, and pay attention to the road.

I’m back in 2009.

So much better off for my short trip to the 1800’s prairie.

I Love New York!

June 17, 2009

The trip to New York was wonderful. I went to the BEA (Book Expo America). It is the annual trade show of the publishing industry. On the first day I met with the Reading Program Specialist at the headquarters of the United Methodist Church in New York. Brenda Thompson was just delightful and is going to consider including my book in the reading list for UMW (United Methodist Women). I originally contacted the head office because the UMW conference will be in St. Louis next year and their theme goes right along with my message.


One of the top reviewers for Amazon agreed to read The Baglady’s Guide to Elegant Living. I got to touch base with Peter Vegso, the owner of HCI, the company who publishes my book. We talked about promotion and my upcoming program with Dress for Success in Wichita.


Kathy Hadley and Dr. David Jernigan from Wichita were my traveling companions. We had marvelous food. HOT FOOD TIP: At the Trump Hotel on the Columbus Circle overlooking Central Park, the salad dressing for their signature salad is absolutely to die for! It had such an unusual texture and taste that we asked some of the ingredients. One of them was butter. I’m telling you, I could go back and eat it every day.  One evening we went to the Tavern on the Green, the famous restaurant in Central Park. We ate outdoors surrounded by flowering plants and trees. As night settled in, the canopy of trees above us was lit with hundreds of oriental lanterns in various shapes and sizes. As I sat there I was so reminded of the restaurant that Rose took Angela to.


HORSE DRAWN CARRIAGE RIDES: We took evening excursions to sample the local fare and experience the city and decided to take a horse drawn carriage ride thru Central Park. I asked the driver if I could ride up front with him and we had a wonderful conversation. He was from Ireland and is set to develop the carriage franchise for St. Thomas, VI starting in the fall. I had a bird’s eye view of all the sights of the park. Sitting up there with the driver was just a thrill. I could imagine that I was actually driving a carriage myself.


It was a great trip and New York is exciting. And yet, it is always nice to get back home again.

Grandma Looking at Me

March 27, 2009

My Aunt Rose Audrey is in her late 80s. She is at the time in her life when she wants to see to it that each of us gets whatever keepsakes we may want from her home.

The one thing I have always wanted, is the single photo of my grandma, just the way I remember her. It is the one that hangs in my parent’s house. Each of my aunts and uncles have a copy.

It was taken in the 60s by my mom, in front of the fiberglass curtains at our house.  Never wanting to deprive anyone of the photo, I’ve not even asked about getting one.

Aunt Rose Audrey has that picture of grandma in her living room. On a recent trip, as I was walking down the long hallway from the back porch to the kitchen, I noticed the same photo sitting on the dresser in the back bedroom and asked if I could have it.

To my delight, I was able to take it home that same day.

Now grandma’s photo sits in my living room next to the television.

She smiles the same loving smile that welcomed me all my life. 

And she smiles my Baglady’s gentle and loving smile. Because, you see, she was the inspiration for the character.

If I could have one wish for each person in the world, it would be for you to have someone like my grandma in your own life; a person who always loves you unconditionally, just as much thru all your trials as thru your accomplishments.

Fortunes without a Cookie

March 20, 2009

Isn’t that a neat title? Kind of cryptic. It makes you wonder what the blog will be about.

Surprise, surprise! The title is it. Unfortunately I have no subject to match it. I’ve got a bunch of titles for new books, too. No content, just the titles.

Writer’s block, you might ask? Maybe.

Or… maybe I’m just finally ready to let you in on my ‘quirky side’, as my sister calls it. Sonja would be so much better at telling these stories than me. So, I’ll tell a quirky story about my family instead. Because, (secret revealed) our entire family is… shall we say… unique.

We’ve always been atypical.

Imagine this.

In the 1950s our mom and dad had what seemed like, on the outside, a normal relationship; 1 car, 5 kids born in 6 years, dad worked and mom stayed home washing diapers, cooking and cleaning. 

But guess what else.  

While dad was at work, mom remodeled the house. I don’t mean that she hired it done. Mom tore down walls and rebuilt others.

She studied Uri Geller and the Roswell incident. We did experiments with small pyramids and their preserving powers. 

Mom studied the Bible and metaphysics.

Think of it, a family of 7 on a butcher’s salary. There wasn’t extra money for anything. But I don’t ever remember hearing the words, we can’t afford it.

No, we heard that “Your father is on an economy drive.”

 Same message, different energy.

Cool, huh?  

We learned to be resourceful and find ways to make money if we wanted something.

With 5 kids eating everything in sight dad did figure out how to preserve a treat just for him. He bought coconut cookies. He was the only one in the family who would eat them.

Smart dad.

So, let’s see. I actually may be able to tie this back to the title in spite of myself.  I got the cookie. And, you know… 

Without a doubt, my family has been my truest fortune.


Miss Goody-Two-Shoes Goes on a Rampage

March 15, 2009

Many of you know me as a person who is prone to looking on the bright side. Look out!

As you may know, I live in a 100 year old Victorian home. In a house, you can imagine, that occasionally may need work.

“To be expected,” you might say.

And I agree.

I keep up with it, if I know something is amiss, I get ‘my fix-it guy’ (The one who fixes all things broken in the house).

Well, last month I was only home about 5 days.

While I was away the heat was turned down to just above freezing.  I was more than shocked to get a gas bill for $290.00.

My personal opinion was that the unit had epilepsy.

By that I mean that it goes along working just fine most of the time and then, Whammo!

All of a sudden there is a glitch and it stops. Then, when it corrects itself, it starts working again.

Since I wasn’t at home anyway, I could put up with the heater not working. But… when the gas bill was outrageous and the heat still was not working…

Now THAT’s a problem.

So, I called in my guy. And he called in another guy.

They decided that the lack of a cold air return for my first floor system was the problem. I’d known I needed this done for several years but had tried to get along without it.

However, since they believed it was the reason for the high utility bill, I finally acquiesced to the solution.

Even though the solution cost me almost $600 (more than my normal full year in gas bills), the prospect of an even higher bill this month while I am home made me bite the bullet.

“So,” you may ask, “what’s your beef?”

After two days of beautiful weather, last night it got cold again. I turned the thermostat up and later on went downstairs to find the first floor all nice and cozy.

(The reason I say the first floor is because my house has several different central air units. The one on the first floor is the one with the problem.)

I was happy and thought that the problem had been solved.  But, this morning I went down to find the temperature was only 55 degrees, the new thermostat (part of the fix) was set at 68.

The heater was not running. No hot air was coming out of the registers.

The epilepsy has returned. 

I’m $600 down, might have another gas bill close to $300 this month, nothing is working any better.

It is really cold down there… and…   

Oh, did I mention that the cold air return they put in required them to saw an 18” square hole into the 100 year old lath and plaster wall?


If you have never dealt with the dust raised by such an act then you have no conception of the kind of clean up required.  Don’t even think about comparing it to sheetrock dust.

Sheetrock dust can’t hold a candle to this. An 18” hole cut out of sheetrock would have taken about 15 minutes to clean up.

EVERYTHING on the entire first floor and the stairway to the second floor was covered with the finest particle dust known to man.  

Imbedded in every piece of furniture, clinging to the walls, enhancing every cob web in the corners of the ceiling, laying in the folds of all the cascading draperies, encrusting every silk flower arrangement, every piece of pottery, the table, the candles, grandma’s antique glassware, the area rugs, the hardwood floors, the fancy woodwork, and all the indoor trees and plants.

And that was only the dining room!

The living room, kitchen, bathroom and family room were covered too! The mess rivaled the damage of the great dust storms of history, completely held within the confines of one house.

I spent the entire last two days cleaning up this dust and I’m not done yet. 

The family room is still barricaded off as if it is a toxic dump site. Even walking thru the room with dust that fine would cause a flurry that could re-contaminate the rest of the house and undo the progress I’ve made thus far. I have paid my dues.

From now on, anyone who says I haven’t done my part to clean up the environment will be shot.

So, to finish this episode of the saga at hand…

It is Sunday, but I called ‘my fix-it guy’ anyway.  I just rambled off this entire litany of woes to him.  

Hearing the tears in my voice, he promised to call the other guy and come and look at the heating unit that has cost the national debt and still won’t keep the house warm. 

 I gotta go now. This guy does so much work for me that he has a key to the house. I have to go downstairs and make sure he doesn’t come in thru the family room and raise the dust.  

My Life in a Holding Pattern

August 17, 2008

Sometimes I think I need to go back and read my own book. You would think that, since I wrote it, I would have a good handle on “loving the life I have.” And yet, I still fall into the thought of wanting things to be different.

For years I ran, and later owned, a small hotel. It was a beautiful building and a good life. But I remembered and longed for the house of my dreams that I had left behind in Houston. I was satisfied…. but I still thought I would be happier with that house and that lifestyle.

Then one day I remember coming down the stairs and looking out at the hotel as if seeing it for the first time. Suddenly I realized all that it had given me; A beautiful place to live (I had a great loft on the top floor) and an easier lifestyle that allowed time for friends and reflection. Guests came and went. There had been great conversations. And… for the first time I realized that I loved the life I’d been given, even though I would have never chosen it in a million years.

I sold the hotel 2 years ago. By default, I moved into the only other property I owned. It’s a huge 100 year old Victorian home. I had purchased it as an investment property with the intent of flipping it and finding a house more in keeping wtih my personal style. I’ve had it on the market for over 2 years  while I’ve lived in a holding pattern…. waiting to land where I really belong. Certainly it is not here, I’ve been thinking.

This morning I woke up with the sun shining in my windows, a cool breeze lifting up the curtains. I jumped in the shower, got dressed and came down stairs as if for the first time. Walking thru the rooms, I felt at home for the first time since I’ve lived here. I felt at home! Happy, blessed and thrilled that I live here!

If you know me, when I am really trying to get something done and it doesn’t happen, I eventually start to consider the possiblity that God wants me there in that place, in that circumstance, for some reason. That definitely does not mean that I’m happy about it, but I do consider it.

But today the gift arrived!!!!! I walked downstairs and, for the first time, fell madly and deeply in love with my home. It’s been hours now and I still feel close to tears over the whole experience.  I know this feeling will remain beacause I’ve felt it before. ……a few times; In my business when I finally realized I was there to love the people who worked for me… In the hotel and now here, in this old Victorian home so unlike ‘the modern-art me.’  Once again, something I would have never thought could make me happy has given me a joy I would never have imagined.  Happy Sunday! Happy House! Happy ME!