Challenging your Beliefs


Every one of us grew up with a set of beliefs. Many times they were passed down from one generation to another. Certain words meant certain things, but were the representations really true? In some cases, perception is far from reality.

Sometimes it can take cathartic events to call our previously held views into question.

Being as I live in Kansas, a state well publicized for its tornados, I was thrilled when I moved into my house. It had a basement.

We’ve had lots of tornado activity in our area over the 3 years I’ve lived here, and I’ve retreated to the basement on several occasions. However, nothing had ever come close enough to really get scary. That is,  until my town was in the path of what they call a ‘straight line wind’ of almost 100 miles per hour (Hurricane force winds). I was roused from sleep by the ferocious storm at about 6am. Soon after, the electricity went out, so I grabbed my flashlight and retreated to the safety of my basement.


As shingles and siding were thrown against the outside of the house, for the first time, there was a real danger. And, in the event of a tornado, a REAL basement might have saved me. However, as I sat in the dark, it suddenly dawned on me that my basement is only 2 feet underground. The entrance to my home is high above the ground. When you open the door from the first floor and step down, it certainly seems like you’re descending deep into the earth. But the first floor is about 6 feet above the ground. So, 8 feet down is actually only 2 ft. below ground.

It turns out that my basement is the perfect depth to protect the inhabitants of Lilliput. A mouse or a squirrel might be safe, but this is no kind of shelter for a human being.

A creepy feeling came over me at that moment as the town outside was ravaged. I took up a spot under the stairwell and prayed for the best. Then I marveled at how a person can be totally oblivious to the real truth about a situation even though it’s been right there in front of them all along.

This basement story is just a small example of how deceived we can be by our long held perceptions.

So how can you tell that it’s time to rethink some important aspects of your life? Ask yourself this question.  Are you truly happy and empowered by the percepts with which you live your life? If not, it’s time to latch onto a new way of thinking.

______________________________________________Dina Dove

As an author, inspirational speaker, and coach, I am dedicated to helping people remember who they really are at their deepest core and discover their unique path to career and personal fulfillment.

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2 Responses to “Challenging your Beliefs”

  1. Kathy Hadley (@KathyHadley) Says:

    Very powerful message and a great story to illustrate it.



  2. Frugal Mommy Talk (@FrugalMommytalk) Says:

    As I read your story, I was reminded of how many times in life we try to convince ourselves that everything is fine or perfect–when it really isn’t. Thank you for sharing your story.

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