Skepticism is a Good Thing

I love a skeptic. In fact, I am one myself. A wise person does not hitch their wagon to every new thing that comes down the pike. Discernment is important.

There is a difference between discernment and bull headedness though. And that is a very important difference.

We’ve all heard the saying, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

I’ve got some powerful truths to teach you, And…. You will need to make an effort.  Examining your skepticism and getting control over it will be a first step. (Hang it up in the closet for a little while. You can always bring it back out if need be…. But I promise you will not be wanting it back with regards to this.)

The reason? Once your mind is open to experimenting with these new ideas, you will prove to yourself, in your own life, that they work.

Give each new possibility a chance, just a fair chance to change your mind.  This you must do, because if, while being a skeptic you insist on also being bull headed, learning something new, no matter how valuable, will be impossible for you.

You will not be expected to believe anything that you are unable to prove out in your own experience. So do the work, personal work. There is no scientific data to swallow hook, line and sinker.  You alone will be the judge.

Learn some new Laws of the Universe, Natural Laws. They are not really new, just new to you.

At first, no matter what you see change in your life, they still may be hard to believe, you may want to think it’s an accident that your life has suddenly started to work. However, as time goes on and you continue to act and think in the new way, you will see the consistent results over and over again until you can no longer deny that something has changed.

Years ago, I was at a lecture by Wayne Dwyer. The one thing in his speech that stuck with me was that once an individual proves something out in their own life, from that point on, no one will ever be able to tell them that it is impossible. He said, “No one can ever convince me that a person cannot go from rags to riches, because I did it myself. I left the orphanage with nothing and became wealthy.”

There is no proof more powerful than proving it to yourself.

So why isn’t everyone doing it? For the very reason we have been discussing, most people hold on very, very tightly to their original beliefs.

Changing your mind is the most important change you will ever make.

The very hardest part about changing your mind is the first step. That first step is simply a willingness to consider and then examine a new way of being.

_____________________________________________________________Dina Dove

As an author, inspirational speaker, and coach, I am dedicated to helping people remember who they really are at their deepest core and discover their unique path to career and personal fulfillment.

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3 Responses to “Skepticism is a Good Thing”

  1. Kathy Hadley Says:

    Wow! I love this. It makes me wonder, what is next? What is next? What else can I do to learn these Natural Laws? 🙂

    Even though I know them…..if I didn’t, this would certainly have ME clamoring for more information.

    Thanks, Dina.


    • dinadove Says:

      Thanks Kathy,
      I’m especially glad that you are enticed…. as this is a theme of my most recent writing and teaching. Natural Law is such a fascinating subject and something you can learn more about and practice on deeper and deeper levels throughout life. It’s never boring. There are so may nuances to continue to explore and discover.

  2. Awkwardly Alive Says:

    Great article!! Visiting from UBC 🙂

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