Step Back and get in the Flow

Sometimes I am just too close to the problem when I’m in a workaholic mode. I might hit a block in the project I’m working on, but my tendency is often to keep trying to break thru it, rather than step back and let the answer emerge.

Can’t we all be so hard headed sometimes? We can be so sure we have the right answer that we can’t see the real truth standing in front of us.

In my best moments, I know the truth.

Life is meant to flow.

On vacations, we just naturally fall into that mode simply by relaxing and allowing ourselves to take a ‘vacation’ from our perceived problems. Miraculously, that different perspective allows new possibilities and solutions to arise.

Just changing your mindset from one of obsessing to wondering can make all the difference.

Take finances for instance. If you are one of the millions of people in America today who are upside down in mortgage and credit card debt, step back. Consider a new way of thinking.

In fact, to truly solve that problem, you absolutely must come to a new way of thinking.

Financial problems are not really about money in the first place. Something happened long before a person finds themselves that position and it happened inside their brain.

Your thoughts about money dictate what you buy and how you will pay for it. And, believe it or not, even before that, your thoughts about happiness and fulfillment are where it really started.

People buy all those things, the bigger house and the newer car, because they think those ‘things’ will make them happy.  Once they realize the stress that came along with the out of control spending was not worth it, there is a wonderful opportunity to change and look at life through new eyes.

Changing your mind is the most important change you will ever make.

The predicament was really caused by the old mindset. ‘Things’ are not really what make us happy. We need to find self esteem inside ourselves. Then make purchases with financial intelligence instead of based on emotion. With that new found knowledge, long term solution is at hand.

_______________________________________________________________Dina Dove

As an author, inspirational speaker, and coach, I am dedicated to helping people remember who they really are at their deepest core and discover their unique path to career and personal fulfillment.

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6 Responses to “Step Back and get in the Flow”

  1. loacoach2 Says:

    This is so true. And once someone really does “change their mindset” it is amazing how they can take care of all their “money troubles” and then also have whatever it is that they think they want.

    It is not necessarily about having less, which is another error in thinking most people have. It is all about your mindset on money and prosperity and happiness.

    You can have it all!!!


    • dinadove Says:

      Kathy, you are right. And, what I have found is that when people get back to what really brings happiness, it is not things. When a person is in balance, their wants are different and then those ‘things’ that they substituted for happiness don’t get in the way of using financial intelligence. When you truly thing differently, you can and do ‘have it all.’

  2. amygm Says:

    You’ve shown a lot of insight in this post!

  3. drmelissabrown Says:

    Amen! This is so True with a capital T. The material stuff doesn’t make one happy, that comes from within. Thank you for a great post, so eloquently stated, Dina.

  4. Lianda Ludwig, M.S. (@KnowingHeart) Says:

    Yes, ever wanting more and more can lead to never being satisfied and happy with what you want. And pushing through, and keeping yourself busy can turn off the creativity that you discover when you take a break and get some balance into your life.

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