The 5 Second Answer

Because most of the time people do not pay any attention to their random thoughts or wishes, they don’t realize that many times the answers come within moments.

Several years ago I was in a strange city. It was 10 minutes before the post offices closed for the day and I needed to get a letter out that evening.  I was frantically driving down the street.  Desperately, I cried out, “Where is a post office?????”

Within 200 yards of my plea, I saw one of those rotating black signs with the red letters streaming across it indicating that there was a post office in the shopping center 1 block down.   That REALLY happened!

Things like that happen all the time. Yesterday I gave you instructions about how to see that in your own life.

Big, important things like the post office stick in your mind and you remember them as rare occurrences. But… I promise you. They are NOT rare. Your thoughts are becoming manifest. You are asking and the answers are coming constantly….on little, everyday things.

I was just looking at my Facebook page a few minutes ago. It crossed my mind that I had not seen any of my cousin’s photos posted lately and I made a mental not to go to her page before I signed off.

Then I went on seeing what was on my page. I scrolled down two posts and there were 4 new pictures she had posted today. (Thought to answer…. About 5 seconds)

Coincidence, you think?

Yes, you may think that now, but if you do the exercise I posted yesterday, you will see that it is not coincidence.

With your thoughts, you are asking the Universe for answers and the Universe IS answering!

Spirit is constantly in communication with us. The only problem is that, most of the time, we are not noticing it.

Watch your thoughts and your life will be transformed.

Dina Dove

As an author, inspirational speaker, and coach, I am dedicated to helping people remember who they really are at their deepest core and discover their unique path to career and personal fulfillment.

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2 Responses to “The 5 Second Answer”

  1. rachelhell Says:

    You’re not the first one who’s pointed this out out to me lately, but I’m a skeptic: I want a scientific explanation! That doesn’t take away from the fact that this happens often, if you’re paying attention. I guess the answer is just to accept it, rather than demanding that it be explained …

    • dinadove Says:

      Rachel, I totally know what you mean. I never would have believed it if I had not proved it to myself. It is good to be a skeptic. And to be willing to be skeptical and make the effort to see if it proves out by a proscess. Did you look back to the previous post to see some steps that would help you see the outcomes? NOTE: I wish I had learned this earlier in my life so that I could have consciously realized that I was the ‘master of my fate.’ Thanks so much for your comment.

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