A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Rest of My Life

Since there are no accidents, it would follow that I came across a surprising group of people ‘on purpose’ though my intent was only to get a weekend in Arkansas. (It’s so humorous the way spirit gets me where it wants me by making me think I’m going for some other reason.) In this case, my boyfriend offered the trip if I would attend a dowser’s meeting while we were there. I thought, no problem, I can sit thru an hour for a weekend. Little did I know what a surprise I was in for.

If you’ve ever met one of the old time dowsers, you would agree, they are ‘the salt of the earth’, unassuming, humble people. Many are farmers. You’d never imagine they would have so much to teach us about spirituality and the nature of God in action.

They said anyone could learn. And before the meeting, they taught me how to find an underground stream of water in a one hour lesson. Nothing was visible to the naked eye…. And yet, the L-rods (a standard dowsing tool) crossed over the stream. Then they told us that there had been a coin placed under the large rug in the middle of the meeting room and that we were to use the same L-rods to find the coin. Sure enough, I was led to coin I was not able to see.

If you had told me that something like this was possible, I would not have believed it. I’m a skeptic. And yet, I was led right to the coin. But how? How was this possible?

There’s so much more that can be said, little nuances I’d love to talk about more in the future. But for today, the simple answer is…… It’s an example of the promises of old and that still hold true today. “Ask and it shall be given you.” “Seek and ye shall find.”

In our modern world where so much technology and sophistication are available to us, it’s easy to overlook and even consciously forget the truths that will ‘set us free.’


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3 Responses to “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Rest of My Life”

  1. svehex Says:

    That sounds like a lot of fun 🙂 Every time i get feedback on one of my readings, I get the same surprised feeling

  2. loacoach2 Says:

    I love this post because I love when I see my spiritual teachings in practice in everyday life. I am all about practicality and getting results, just like those dowsers.

    “Ask and it shall be given you.” “Seek and ye shall find.”
    if my main message and how I help people to actually do this.

    Thanks for the charming story and the great spiritual lesson. I look forward to more.

    Kathy Hadley

  3. janonlife Says:

    For years I was a secret dowser – not liking to admit that I was doing anything this weird to my friends and colleagues. I’ve recently started ‘coming out’ on my blog 🙂 Amazing where it can lead…!

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