Re-Purposing Your Life

“Re- purposing?” you might ask.

I first heard this term from Alex Mandossian. Alex talks about re-purposing your books and training materials, using what you already have to create something additional.

Several years ago, I bought a bed and breakfast. My original intention was to close the inn and resell the house as a single family home to a large blended family. With 6 bedrooms and 4 baths, it seemed perfect for that kind of family.

Shortly after I purchased the B&B, I sold my hotel and found myself moving there. And… I am single!

I continued to have the house on the market. Then the housing crisis occurred and it did not sell. So, I recently decide to ‘Re-purpose my house’ and it has me totally excited.

It already had two full kitchens, and, with a little creative thinking, I’ve fashioned one separate apartment on the first floor. Plus, I later created 2 more loft type dwellings on the second and third floors, all without permanently changing the flavor of this one hundred year old mansion.

Isn’t it funny the way we can get ourselves stuck in one way of thinking and never seriously look at how we could see things differently, take all the assets at our disposal and create our lives or, in my case, real estate anew?

We all have special talents and creative abilities that, if seen through new eyes, could open up adventures that can delight our senses and inspire us toward new horizons.

Right now, with the soft world monetary markets, Wall Street and the credit crunch, it is a great opportunity to ‘re-purpose’ ourselves, our lives, and our businesses to find avenues of success we never would have dreamed of in different times.

I’ve turned a liability into a money making asset, how about you?


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10 Responses to “Re-Purposing Your Life”

  1. roamintwin Says:

    I love this idea of re-purposing life! I often challenge myself to re-purpose my thoughts and de-clutter my life, and this is right up my alley! Thank you!

    • dinadove Says:

      Thanks for reading. You know, I’m still interested in selling this big house but now that I live in just a small part of it, it’s more like a loft to me. Re-purposing is a great thing.

  2. janasebastian Says:

    I love your photo and your optimism too ! it is infectious 🙂 I know you will make a success of your new venture, and look forwards to your updates !

  3. svehex Says:

    I’ve re-purposed myself on several occasions, and I think I might have to again. I need to figure out how to get out of debt.

    • dinadove Says:

      Re-purposing is one thing that can help you. And…… the biggest thing you can ever do is to think about money and abundance in a new way. You might like to check out my for a beginner’s program in the money mindset. I always like to make learning fun…. thus the name.

      The truly biggest and best way to build wealth is to change your mind about money and that is something I teach. Also, on my blog, in the archeives, I’ve got some articles that might help you with a peek into the mindset.

      Thanks for you comment. And good luck. Dina

  4. Robert Kennedy III (@robertkennedy3) Says:

    This is awesome!! Yep, there sure is more than one way to do things and re-purposing often helps us see things from a new perspective. VIA UBC

    • dinadove Says:

      I’ve always loved the creative thinking involved in seeing things in a new light. We CAN do anything we put our minds to, right Robert?

  5. Jan Bridgwater Green Says:

    Beautiful! When we learn to think creatively and open-mindedly, it’s amazing how solutions and opportunities come to us!

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