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The Power of the Truth to Heal

January 30, 2013

I just finished watching Courage under Fire with Denzel Washington and Meg Ryan.

I wont give you any details of the movie. You might want to watch it again….. with new eyes. This movie is such a shining (or should I say glaring) example of the power of these two actions: lying and truth telling.


Lies eat at us, cause us to be self destructive, sometimes they even so deplete our energy that they lead to major illness. Our shame may be so great that we think it unspeakable. But the moment we can speak it, confess our shortcoming, the burden is somehow lightened. We still have to deal with the wrong of whatever it was, but just speaking it takes so much negative energy out of the thing…… whatever it was.


For me, it is so important to have a friend, a confidant, someone with whom I can confess my transgressions. I’ve not killed anyone or done anything too terribly bad, but still I need someone to console me in my guilty feelings. Actually, my friends don’t usually console me, the feeling is more that of acceptance, unconditional love. I know when I’m wrong, when I’ve acted or thought in a destructive way. But the dearest friends are those that will love us in spite of the fact that we are not always loveable.


When I was little, my grandmother was my confidant. When I was in sixth grade, I was always getting in trouble at school. Being widowed when my dad was a teenager, it was the biggest treat to sleep with her when I visited. We’d lay in bed and talk and I’d sometimes tell her about the gang fights I was in the middle of. I remember one time recounting how kids were teasing me about my current crush and that started the battle. One girl cleaned out the chalk tray and dumped the chalk dust in my hair. We knocked each other around, other kids got involved and pretty soon I picked up the water bucket and twilled it around to keep from getting hit. No one could get to me without being hit buy the swirling bucket.


Grandma laid there in the dark listening to me tell my little story. As I finished she said, “Pixie, you’re terrible!”  Even as she was saying it, I remember so clearly that I knew she was smiling. Smiling because she loved me so much. Getting a kick out of my childhood antics. Letting me tell my story without letting her love for me diminish in the slightest.


For the most part, grandma taught me how to be a good kid: to mind, be nice to the other kids, not talk to strangers. I always wanted to please her. But when I was taking her into my confidence, she never really judged me. She listened. Her love was so constant and unwavering.


Grandma’s been gone a long time now and good friends have taken her place. Like grandma, they don’t condone what I’ve done, they just let me tell the truth without convicting me. Heaven knows, most of us convict ourselves with no problem what so ever. We don’t need our friends to tell us we’re wrong. We need our friends to love us and help us get back to loving ourselves.


You know, they say you can’t love anyone any more than you love yourself. By accepting us even on our worst days, friends hold us in the light and help us remember to be more kind to ourselves.

A Chiropractor’s Wisdom

January 29, 2013

There all many teachers on the way giving us hints that will eventually lead us to discovering the great truths of the Universe.

Old Dr. Saylor was a chiropractor in a small town in Missouri. As he was helping me with my aches and pains, he had gently been teaching me some of the mysteries of the human body, by showing me how even minor things have an effect.

One day as he looked at my posture and then at my shoes. He said, “Let me try something.” As I stood there in my stocking feet, he had me hold my arm out straight and told me to hold it with all my strength. Then he had me put on my shoes. Again he had me hold out the arm and as he pressed down I seemed to have no strength to hold it up.

Then he put 2 little risers under the heels of my shoes and again asked me to hold my arm up. My arm held strong. With that he said, “Dina, your whole body is stronger when you wear shoes with a little more heel than in these you have on today.”

Being the skeptic that I am, I told him I did not think I was trying as hard to keep my arm strong before and insisted we do the test over. And again, my arm went weak without the extra lift under my feet.

Dr. Saylor sent me on my way. And even though what had happened seemed quite curious to me. I let it go. Quite some time later in our doctor patient relationship, he showed me something else. That time, as I was laying on the table, he was telling me how important it was to keep a positive state of mind. He told me to hold my leg strong and tested that strength. Then he said, “Now, I want you to think of something that makes you really happy.” Once I held the thought in mind, he tried to pull my leg down. It held tight.

Then he said, “Now think of something that makes you unhappy.” You guessed it. My muscle was weak. And…….. You’re right. I made him repeat it. It was hard to believe that just a thought could alter my body’s strength.

It was a small thing, but I never forgot it. At the time, understanding the way thought affects the body, much less the universe, had no frame of reference for me.

That was over 20 years ago. (How time flies.) Looking back I realize that his small enlightening moments with me set me on a path of self discovery that has shown me so much more. Our thoughts create our reality in the world. They are the beginning of what manifests either health and well being, or a life less joyful.

Finally, we are not the victims of unrelated circumstances. Instead, our thoughts and the way we approach life, are the cause of the world/life we see before us.

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January 26, 2013

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Rest of my Life

Since there are no accidents, it would follow that I came across a surprising group of people ‘on purpose’ though my intent was only to get a weekend in Arkansas. (It’s so humorous the way spirit gets me where it wants me by making me think I’m going for some other reason.) In this case, my boyfriend offered the trip if I would attend a dowser’s meeting while we were there. I thought, no problem, I can sit thru an hour for a weekend. Little did I know what a surprise I was in for.

If you’ve ever met one of the old time dowsers, you would agree, they are ‘the salt of the earth’, unassuming, humble people. Many are farmers. You’d never imagine they would have so much to teach us about spirituality and the nature of God in action.

They said anyone could learn. And before the meeting, they taught me how to find an underground stream of water in a one hour lesson. Nothing was visible to the naked eye…. And yet, the L-rods (a standard dowsing tool) crossed over the stream. Then they told us that there had been a coin placed under the large rug in the middle of the meeting room and that we were to use the same L-rods to find the coin. Sure enough, I was led to coin I was not able to see.

If you had told me that something like this was possible, I would not have believed it. I’m a skeptic. And yet, I was led right to the coin. But how? How was this possible?

There’s so much more that can be said, little nuances I’d love to talk about more in the future. But for today, the simple answer is…… It’s an example of the promises of old and that still hold true today. “Ask and it shall be given you.” “Seek and ye shall find.”

In our modern world where so much technology and sophistication are available to us, it’s easy to overlook and even consciously forget the truths that will ‘set us free.’