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The Very Last Time

September 5, 2010

Thinking on the theme of “the last time”, I’m reminded of the lyrics to a song I heard many years ago.

It started out…

“A friend of mine is going blind, but thru the dimness

He sees so much better than me.

  “And he cherishes each new thing that he sees.

And he’ll save them for when he’s in darkness again.”

Consider the person who, through the ravages of disease, knows that their days are numbered.

How much different they must see.

My brother passed away recently after a long struggle with cancer. He was an outdoorsman. His career as a fishing guide spanned 17 years.

 And, he absolutely loved what he did.

 Last winter, when hunting season was over, he proclaimed that that was the last time he would go to deer camp. The cold and the spread of the cancer to his hip had made it a difficult season in a deer blind.

 I can imagine that, like the man who was going blind, even in his discomfort, he was also storing every detail in the woods; the crisp winter air, the subtle rustle of the deer, the camaraderie with his friends.

 Knowing it was the last time, each moment must have been so precious to him.

 In a way, he was lucky, because he heard the message.

 “This could be the last time.” 

 And hearing that, loud and clear, I bet he savored the moments more than most.

 The truth is…

For all of us…. ‘This could be the last time.’

The last time you drive down a beautiful roadway

The last time you sing the national anthem.

The last time you speak to a loved one

 This could be the last time…..

 It’s a powerful thought that calls on us to take notice.

And… to cherish the moments of our lives.