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Step Back and Get in the Flow

April 18, 2010

In my way of thinking, that’s what vacations are for. 

Sometimes I am just too close to the problem when I’m in a workaholic mode. I might hit a block in the project I’m working on, but my tendency is often to keep trying to break thru it, rather than step back and let the answer emerge.

Can’t we all be so hard headed sometimes? We can be so sure we have the right answer that we can’t see the real truth standing in front of us.

In my best moments, I know the truth.

Life is meant to flow.

On vacations, we just naturally fall into that mode simply by relaxing and allowing ourselves to take a ‘vacation’ from our perceived problems. Miraculously, that different perspective allows new possibilities and solutions to arise.

Just changing your mindset from one of obsessing to wondering can make all the difference.

Take your finances for instance. If you are one of the millions of people in America today who are upside down in mortgage and credit card debt, step back. Consider a new way of thinking. In fact, to truly solve that problem, you absolutely must come to a new way of thinking.

Your financial problems are not really about money in the first place. Something happened long before you got in this position and it happened inside your brain.

Your thoughts about money dictated what you would buy and how you would pay for it. And, believe it or not, even before that, your thoughts about happiness and fulfillment are where it really started.

After all, didn’t you buy all those things, the bigger house and the newer car, because you thought they would make you happy?  Now that you realize the stress that came along with out of control spending was not worth it, you have a wonderful opportunity to change your mind and look at your life through new eyes.

                            Changing your mind is the most important change you will ever make.

The predicament you may be in from the old mindset, can take some time to resolve, but with your new found knowledge, your long term solution is at hand. And, during this time of tightening your belt, you  can now see great purpose in learning the skills that will build a solid financial future for your family.

To everything there is a season. Make this your season of learning.

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The Wisdom of Fairy Tales

April 2, 2010

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs show us that vanity, envy and jealousy don’t make us popular and…  that love conquers all.

Robert Fulghum wrote that all he ever needed to know he learned in kindergarten.  Actually, in a more sophisticated manner, Dale Carnegie teaches adults similar skills.

Thinking about it, it kind of takes me aback to consider that as adults we are still grappling with the basics.

And then, we wouldn’t want to miss the message in The Tortoise and the Hare. The Hare started off fast  thinking his skills were so superior to the competition that he got all cocky and tried to intimidate the turtle with his bravado.

It certainly did not make him the man of the hour. There are so many examples of this teaching for adults as well.  In the same vein as the attorney who represents himself has a fool for a client, the person who thinks he knows it all, still has a lot to learn.

We generally think that competition is the game we are playing in earth life and that some win while others lose. The real loser is the one who fails to see the value in a different way of being than the one they hold. The Hare couldn’t see any value in the Tortoise, but he had skills that weren’t so obvious to anyone at first. Those very skills and a different way of seeing things ended up winning him the race.

It is actually a very short ride from success to failure. And thinking you can’t fail or that it could never happen to you was pretty short sighted in that story.

The Hare actually had a great deal going for him. He was quite a runner and he had the passion to get off to a quick start.

Instead of respecting his competition, the rabbit taunted the turtle. (Not something he learned in kindergarten.) Everyone figured the hare would win. He was so flamboyant.

Isn’t it true that those who walk around all puffed up and telling us they are great are the ones we usually get behind? All that star power is hard to resist.

And yet, most often, over the long haul it is the quiet, unassuming, consistently moving forward types that go unnoticed.  And, while no one is thinking they have much going on, they are the ones who really excel. They excel at being a good neighbor, a good father to their children, and living a happy, financially secure life as they get older.

They have paid attention to the important areas of life all along. And…. Like the turtle, any hare can do the same thing….probably with one hand tied behind his back. It doesn’t hurt to take a look at the life that can be attained thru building skills that will enable you to go the distance and win at the other important aspects of life too.

It’s time for balance.

And Snow White….. Don’t worry too much about her. She has love and you know what they say about that. “Love is all you need.” LOL