Your Precious, Precious Things

Have you ever thought about what you would be willing to trade your things for?

Would you trade them for happiness?

Would you trade them for freedom?

I often find, as I council people on living their dreams, that their “things” are the main obstacle in achieving the life that would ‘make their heart sing.’ Their souls long for the dream and yet they are willing to give it up to hold onto “their things.”

We all do this to a certain extent. But, think about it for a minute.

Didn’t you buy those “things” because you thought they would make you happy?

And now? 

Are they actually making you happy or….. Are they a barrier to happiness? Real happiness.

Are you loaded down in debt for things you would, if allowed to choose, sacrifice in a moment if you knew you could have that DREAM?

Choose the dream! Find a way to unburden your life of the “things” you now know were a substitute for the ‘real happiness.’

You know, you can sell that big house with its huge mortgage. If you have some equity in it, you can pay off some of your other debts.  Maybe all of them.

Do you even have any idea how it would feel to be free? Really free to live that dream.

Be creative. Instead of saying “I can’t have the life I want”, ask a different question.

Ask, “How could I change my life so that I can live the one I really want?”

And magically, your life will change.  Real happiness is there, on the horizon.  You’ve only to see it with new eyes and a new perspective.


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