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Completing The Circle With Harry Turtle

February 7, 2010

Up until 3 years ago when I wrote my first book, I was a born and bred entrepreneur and business person. It was in my blood from childhood, where my first ventures included circus events in the back yard.

For several years before writing The Baglady’s Guide to Elegant Living, I had been passionately involved in developing financial education programs for small and home based businesses. My passion was the result of a little adventure (run- in) with the IRS.

Anyone who has ever been in business is intimately involved with the IRS. And… to replace the old adage with a new one that anyone can understand…

‘If the IRS ain’t happy, nobody’s happy.’

It’s interesting the way the experiences of our lives lead us down unexpected paths.

And so, I came to develop financial education for small businesses, to help them learn to document correctly and strategize their financial life for long term wealth building.

Having been very fiscally responsible throughout my career, I didn’t realize how out of touch and even out of control people are with their finances. Many don’t have the foggiest idea about the workings of the money world.

That enticed my team to go one step further and develop programs for ‘the regular guy’ that would help them get a handle on their personal finances.

It was after all that that I took one last step backwards, realizing that the biggest issue for people doesn’t start out as a money problem. It starts as a “life perspective problem. “

If you have ever wondered why a financial guru would write a book about a bag lady, now you have your answer.

It’s not really about the money. Getting your head straight about life itself, is actually an integral part of building wealth and long term happiness.

Couple that with a solid understanding about how to make money work for you, instead of you working for it. Now that’s a winning combination.

So… I’ve come full circle with HarryTurtle. And a little Baglady helped me do it.