Mini Vacations of the Mind

Most people think that a mini vacation is one where you take off for a long weekend, but I’m talking about the kind of vacation you can take in a minute…. no matter where you are. And you can take this respite to far away places and even to other eras.

There is no restriction on time, money or airline schedules.

One of my favorite movies of all times is Dances with Wolves; so much so that when it was playing in theatres, I went to see it 8 times. ( That is a big deal for me, because I just don’t see movies more than once. )

Anyway, when I drive to Wichita from my home close to the Missouri Ozarks, I drive right thru the Flint Hills on Highway 400. There is about a 10 minute stretch of road where, with only a small amount of imagination, I can transform my car into a covered wagon. I do this by pulling out the Dances with Wolves soundtrack and slide it in my CD player.

And viola!  I’m on the frontier. 

In the words of John Dunbar, “Before it is gone.” …expecting any minute to see a buffalo. The music fills me. The prairie is pristine, peaceful.

I’m in a more simple time.

One could go even further and imagine that Kevin Costner is with me. And there is a blanket, a cabin and ….  I hit Leon and my fuzz buster starts beeping. (There is always a speed trap at Leon).

My covered wagon becomes a Camry again, foot to the breaks, eject the CD, and pay attention to the road.

I’m back in 2009.

So much better off for my short trip to the 1800’s prairie.


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One Response to “Mini Vacations of the Mind”

  1. beccirenfro Says:

    I have been on this mini vacation on the KS Turnpike many times and day dreamed going across the Flint Hills in a covered wagon wondereing what it must have been like. My next vacation I think I’ll invite Kevin!

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