This is the House that Jack Built

Do you remember that old nursery rhyme from when we were kids?

The House That Jack Built 

This is the house that Jack built.
This is the rat
That ate the malt
That lay in the house that Jack built.

This is the cat,
That killed the rat,
That ate the malt
That lay in the house that Jack built.

This is the dog,
That worried the cat…

 And on the story goes to show that, one after another,  all the inhabitants of the poem were connected and played their own unique part in The House that Jack Built.

 It is amazing, when you think back, how one thing leads to another. Last year, I was interviewed on station KWRM-Seattle about my new book, The Baglady’s Guide to Elegant Living. Kate Daniels, the host,  suggested  that I team up with Dress For Success.

Dress for Success has more than 70 affiliates in the United States. Each site is an independent,   volunteer-driven non-profit organization committed to fulfilling the Dress for Success mission of    promoting the economic independence of disadvantaged women through career development and  employment retention.

 Once I read about their mission, it was right in line with my own. So, on a trip to Wichita, I put in a call to Pat Jones, the executive director of the Wichita organization. We immediately began to brainstorm about how we might use my book, to raise funds and awareness for the local Dress for Success (DFS).

 Over the last several months, as we have prepared to launch this innovative fund raiser for DFS, The House that Jack Built has come to my mind several times. Already, many people have come together to conceive the idea, get others excited, and contribute some of the talents that will form our own unique version of this classic tale.

 It just so happens that local Wichita women Michelle Sell, a past board member for DFS, and Dena Graham had been part of the test group who read the book before it was ever published. They were enthusiastic in lending their support. Judy Young, of The Laughter Connection, wrote an entire book review on the website.

 Mike Lamb, co-founder of Wichita Breeze internet radio, had been looking for a way to help DFS. His team at Wire Waves built the amazing website for the project.  Laurie Tillman, web designer extraordinaire, is a delight to work with.

 Because of Kathy Hadley, marketing director for Hansa Center, thousands of people on Facebook and Twitter have seen hints as to the project being developed. She can hardly wait to spread the word throughout the internet. That’s her specialty!

 Wichita’s own version of the story has just started. Maybe the title should be “This is the Project that Wichita Built.”

 When we all move forward with small, positive steps. big things happen. And in this case, helping raise funds for Dress For Success Wichita is as easy as reading a good book. 

 Thank you for reading The Baglady’s Guide to Elegant Living and telling others about it.  When you order it from all proceeds help disadvantaged women in Kansas with business attire, career training and the confidence to succeed.

Dina Dove, author


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