Sheila Johnston Hensley Johnson

If you look back at the short history of my blog, you’ll see 2 other stories about Sheila. (May 7, 2008 and June 14, 2008) No one has been written about in here any more than Sheila. And now, here is the latest update on this woman who lives her life so much in the tradition of Rose, the lead character in my book. For those of you who were not following my blog then, go back and get the history. It’s a delightful story of love between a man, a woman and their friends.

Anyway, back to Sheila…

Sheila’s life has come full circle, almost. Born Sheila Johnston, she married Charlie in her twenties, making her a Hensley. After 30+ years of marriage, Charlie passed away and that was where I picked up her story in the previous posts.  Yesterday, I attended the wedding reception of the new Mr. and Mrs. Bud Johnson. And what a celebration it was.

Sheila is one of those special people who have always maintained their child-like joy and delight for life. She is never going to “act her age.” Acting our age is SO over-rated and boring anyway.

I wasn’t able to attend the wedding, because Sheila and Bud ELOPED! And I don’t mean that they just got in their car and went to Miami to get married.  They eloped in the old style you hardly ever see anymore.

  1. I mean that Bud got a ladder and climbed up to her second floor window to pick up his betrothed. They both climbed down the ladder and set off on their new adventure, to be married at Laverne’s Wedding Chapel in Miami, Oklahoma.
  2. Three cheers for the man of the hour, Bud Johnson, and his blushing bride, Sheila, who was born a Johnston and is now a Johnson.   Three cheers for all those who grieve their losses and find love again.

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