The Military, Friend or Foe?

Recently a friend of mine came home from serving in Iraq. All I did was ask him about his experience and he immediately started apologizing… just in case I was in opposition to the war. I immediately stopped him in mid-sentence. No man or woman in the military, regardless of my opinion on any conflict America may ever have, needs to apologize to me!


I sit in the United States of America, a free country. I have the rights of free speech, the freedom to become somebody. I walk down the streets of our nation generally feeling safe and protected by the constructs of our civilization. I’m free to practice the religion of my choice. I’m also free to hate everything about this country and shout it out loud. I’m free to sit on my butt, have kids one after another, and collect welfare my whole life, feeling sorry for myself. I’m free to succeed and free to fail.


And why is all this possible? This is possible because of the brave men and women from the beginning of our nation, through two world wars and even today who are willing to protect those rights and our freedoms.


Regardless of how we feel about any of the conflicts decided on by our leaders, thank God that there are men and women still willing to lay down their lives in service to our country. Thank God there is still patriotism in some who are willing to say “Whatever it takes.” Because of these men and women of yesterday and of today, we are free.


We are free because some are willing to stand, to risk their lives in service to America, even while many sit and complain. Mine is only a small stand. I’m not one taken to the bravery of the fight, but I will stand for those brave enough to do that job. And… I will bow to them as well.


Dina Dove


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