Ode to My Oldest Computer

I’m sitting here today next to my beloved old computer…thinking of retiring it. I have 3 computers right now and all of them automatically will pick up email, but they are not networked together. And…. might I add, I’m 56. If that’s not explanation enough, let me just say it simply, I Live in the Moment!


We’ve all heard we should live ‘in the moment’ but that’s not exactly what I’m talking about. With email coming in on all 3, it is easy to forget which one a particular note came in on. Couple that with the fact that I only travel with my laptop and… I travel a lot, I’m often hundreds of miles from that new email that was received on one of the towers. And then, which tower was it anyway or did I delete it and not remember?


So, you see, it would be a good idea to let the oldest one retire, reducing my frustration by 33%.  However, just the thought of it puts me in mourning. See, there is nothing special about that one. In fact it has lots of flaws. Half the time it freezes up and has to be restarted, so most of the time I use this one. But I really love the old one (I write with yearning in my heart). I know the old one. I can find my files on it. It was right there with me as I wrote and it recorded The Baglady’s Guide. We’re like partners. It’s hard to come in my office without turning it on. (That doesn’t sound right, does it?)


It sits at an angle from this one, so I can swivel my chair and use both at the same time, but that freeze up problem keeps me from writing anything important on it, because half way thru I could lose it all. And for me, writing is that ‘in the moment’ kind of experience that the gurus are really talking about.



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