Men with Dogs

Dog men, the ones who take their dogs everywhere and whose lives center around ‘man’s best friend’, are a special breed all their own. Before you protest, I did not enter into this philosophy without some experience in such matters.


Years ago, I had a boyfriend who got a husky puppy. When we broke up, I told him that if he’d given me half as much attention as that puppy, we would have had a great relationship. Every week he bought Sunny a new toy and he took the time to go on a walk and play with him every day. He never asked Sunny to pay for his own food. And, on a trip, when Sunny wanted to stop and get a cold drink or use the restroom, he didn’t tell him to hold it.


True, I didn’t break the door down and run out to the car and slather his face with kisses every night when he came home from work. I didn’t lay at his feet and look longingly into his eyes either. However, there were times when I tried to hold his hand and he pushed me away saying he needed space, which resulted in my hesitancy in trying again. Sunny took a different tact when he was pushed away. The dog merely calmed down for a moment and came right back at him. Most of the time he’d scratch Sunny’s head and the two of them would be buddies once again.


Me being the goddess I am, I expected to have position #1 and was unwilling to take the role of the third wheel while a dog monopolized my man. Sometimes it seems like women were the ones that lost out with women’s lib because men found replacements. Their Dogs!


Just think, in the fifties a woman did meet their man at the door with a kiss when he came home from work. There was a home cooked meal on the table. She catered to his manly need for appreciation and admiration. Maybe a dog was a better replacement. But sometimes… I still miss the fantasy of a manly man who wants to take care of me.



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