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The Military, Friend or Foe?

April 24, 2009

Recently a friend of mine came home from serving in Iraq. All I did was ask him about his experience and he immediately started apologizing… just in case I was in opposition to the war. I immediately stopped him in mid-sentence. No man or woman in the military, regardless of my opinion on any conflict America may ever have, needs to apologize to me!


I sit in the United States of America, a free country. I have the rights of free speech, the freedom to become somebody. I walk down the streets of our nation generally feeling safe and protected by the constructs of our civilization. I’m free to practice the religion of my choice. I’m also free to hate everything about this country and shout it out loud. I’m free to sit on my butt, have kids one after another, and collect welfare my whole life, feeling sorry for myself. I’m free to succeed and free to fail.


And why is all this possible? This is possible because of the brave men and women from the beginning of our nation, through two world wars and even today who are willing to protect those rights and our freedoms.


Regardless of how we feel about any of the conflicts decided on by our leaders, thank God that there are men and women still willing to lay down their lives in service to our country. Thank God there is still patriotism in some who are willing to say “Whatever it takes.” Because of these men and women of yesterday and of today, we are free.


We are free because some are willing to stand, to risk their lives in service to America, even while many sit and complain. Mine is only a small stand. I’m not one taken to the bravery of the fight, but I will stand for those brave enough to do that job. And… I will bow to them as well.


Dina Dove

Ode to My Oldest Computer

April 17, 2009

I’m sitting here today next to my beloved old computer…thinking of retiring it. I have 3 computers right now and all of them automatically will pick up email, but they are not networked together. And…. might I add, I’m 56. If that’s not explanation enough, let me just say it simply, I Live in the Moment!


We’ve all heard we should live ‘in the moment’ but that’s not exactly what I’m talking about. With email coming in on all 3, it is easy to forget which one a particular note came in on. Couple that with the fact that I only travel with my laptop and… I travel a lot, I’m often hundreds of miles from that new email that was received on one of the towers. And then, which tower was it anyway or did I delete it and not remember?


So, you see, it would be a good idea to let the oldest one retire, reducing my frustration by 33%.  However, just the thought of it puts me in mourning. See, there is nothing special about that one. In fact it has lots of flaws. Half the time it freezes up and has to be restarted, so most of the time I use this one. But I really love the old one (I write with yearning in my heart). I know the old one. I can find my files on it. It was right there with me as I wrote and it recorded The Baglady’s Guide. We’re like partners. It’s hard to come in my office without turning it on. (That doesn’t sound right, does it?)


It sits at an angle from this one, so I can swivel my chair and use both at the same time, but that freeze up problem keeps me from writing anything important on it, because half way thru I could lose it all. And for me, writing is that ‘in the moment’ kind of experience that the gurus are really talking about.


Men with Dogs

April 10, 2009

Dog men, the ones who take their dogs everywhere and whose lives center around ‘man’s best friend’, are a special breed all their own. Before you protest, I did not enter into this philosophy without some experience in such matters.


Years ago, I had a boyfriend who got a husky puppy. When we broke up, I told him that if he’d given me half as much attention as that puppy, we would have had a great relationship. Every week he bought Sunny a new toy and he took the time to go on a walk and play with him every day. He never asked Sunny to pay for his own food. And, on a trip, when Sunny wanted to stop and get a cold drink or use the restroom, he didn’t tell him to hold it.


True, I didn’t break the door down and run out to the car and slather his face with kisses every night when he came home from work. I didn’t lay at his feet and look longingly into his eyes either. However, there were times when I tried to hold his hand and he pushed me away saying he needed space, which resulted in my hesitancy in trying again. Sunny took a different tact when he was pushed away. The dog merely calmed down for a moment and came right back at him. Most of the time he’d scratch Sunny’s head and the two of them would be buddies once again.


Me being the goddess I am, I expected to have position #1 and was unwilling to take the role of the third wheel while a dog monopolized my man. Sometimes it seems like women were the ones that lost out with women’s lib because men found replacements. Their Dogs!


Just think, in the fifties a woman did meet their man at the door with a kiss when he came home from work. There was a home cooked meal on the table. She catered to his manly need for appreciation and admiration. Maybe a dog was a better replacement. But sometimes… I still miss the fantasy of a manly man who wants to take care of me.


The Angels of Closed Doors

April 8, 2009

We’ve all experienced it.


Trying our best to make something happen and there are barriers at every turn.

First we try Plan A.

Then go at it from a different angle; Plan B.

We back up and try it again, but someone, or some thing is messing up the plan.


Two things can happen next.

1.      We rage against the person or thing standing in the way.

2.      We sink into the ‘why me’ syndrome


“Why me? Why can’t I make this work? Why is this person being mean? Why won’t my car start? Why, why, why?”


If you are encountering a lot of resistance in moving toward something you are wanting, you may be in the company of angels you just don’t recognize as such. The Angels of Closed Doors.


I’ve come to realize that there are no enemies on the way to fulfillment; only signs, angels if you will. They’re helping steer us away from the wrong path as well as toward the right one. To get on board with this idea, we must accept that we don’t always know the whole story behind a dead end. The very thing that is an aggravation could be steering you safely away from a problem yet unseen.


Life is not meant to be a struggle, but an adventure! Thank heaven I’m getting wiser to this truth as life goes on. When I find myself hitting road blocks at every turn in a project, it’s important to step back, take some time for reflection and offer up a thought or prayer of willingness to see the situation differently. After all, when I’m not supposed to go in a particular direction, I do want to know!


If the universe is all loving and God knows the deepest yearnings of our hearts, how can he help us, even protect us, if the noise in our heads is so loud that it drowns out his quiet voice?


The answer: The Angels of Closed Doors.