Who are we Really? Or We’ve all got our Quirks – Here’s some of Mine

My sister is always telling people about my quirks. She starts out…

“Here’s a funny story about Pixie.”


That in itself is a story because most of the people who know me have no idea about my nickname.


As it turns out, way before Dr. Spock and Star Trek ever came on the scene, I might have been the first Vulcan.




You see, I was born with pointed ears. So, from day one my family called me ‘Pixie’. Even though my ears rounded out like a normal human before too long, the nickname has stayed with me forever. All things considered, why wouldn’t I have the right to be a little bit ‘quirky’ now?


Maybe I was never meant to be a cookie-cutter version of everyone else. I’ve spent a lot of my life feeling like I was outside of ‘normal’. (Whatever that is)


For example, I was a big business owner for over 20 years. But, having grown up in a working class family, I identified more with the people who worked for me than I did with other executives. And, of course, the people who worked for me did not identify with me at all. They saw me as a big wig, different from them. The other business owners saw me as an equal, and I did not identify with them. I felt caught in the middle, belonging nowhere.


As my 20 year marriage was dissolving, I recall a pivotal conversation I had with my, husband.  Lamenting over the life I had led, I said to him with longing in my voice, “I just want to be like other people.”


He responded emphatically, “No matter what you do, Dina, you will never be like everyone else.”


I didn’t really appreciate his comment at the time. However, in the last 15 years, I’ve come to accept myself for who I am as well as fully relish the unique aspects of each person I meet. Not only that, but to actually love the fact that everyone is truly wonderful and enchanting in their own way.


This is what Rose tells us all in “The Bagladys Guide to Elegant Living”.


Thank heaven we are all different. What an interesting world those differences have made. My only wish is that all of us could drop our judgments and just enjoy the richness found in all of our unique ways of being.


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