Erma Bombeck and The Baglady

I was signing books after a recent speaking event when I got the biggest compliment of my whole life.


What, you might think, would be the best compliment anyone could ever give you?


Here are a few that could make a good impact on me:



“WOW! You look like you have lost 20 pounds!” 

  (No one ever tells me this.) 


“You’re kidding. You’re 56? You look so young I was thinking maybe 40.” (I could only have a rare chance of getting this one when my roots aren’t showing. My ‘real’ hair has been solid white for about 20 years. The upside is that when I don’t dye it, everyone gives me the senior discount without even asking. If any woman could ever consider that an upside. Ugh!)


“You’re such a clothes horse. What a great style you have.” (This is one I will never get. You don’t have to know me very long before you realize that 1 black skirt, 3 black tops, a black pair of pants and black shoes are the basis of my personal style. I’ve got Chico’s jewelry to thank for anything on me that resembles a fashion statement.)


Okay, so it wasn’t any of these, though they would be flattering. But here is the one compliment that has absolutely knocked my socks off.


A lady excitedly walked up to me and said.


“You’re the next Erma Bombeck!” 


I never ever expected that.


Just in case you might be thinking I’m getting a big head about this…. Not to worry.


I don’t think it is true. But, you see, Erma Bombeck is my all time favorite humorist.


And to be in any way compared to her is the highlight of my life.


I loved her since the early seventies and I grieved when she passed away. She was a hero, an ‘every day’ hero.


Erma saw the humor in the mundane, small details of life. But most of all, she offered us a new perspective, a different way to see our circumstances.   


Right now, everything we base our security on is being shaken. I say, the whole country is actually having a ‘Baglady experience’ right now.


Unfortunately, Erma is not here to find the humor in it, but Rose, the sweet little lady with a great big bag, can help us see it all from a higher perspective.


If Erma was here, I’m sure she would approve.


Perspective, after all, is everything! 


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