The Hamburgers at Harry’s in Pittsburg

A couple of days ago I met with sisters, Kathy and Donna, at Harry’s Café in Pittsburg, KS.


What a great place it is; an old fashioned local diner. You can still sit at the counter on a round stool that will spin you in 360 degrees. There are homemade pies every day. But the biggest deal about eating at Harry’s for me is getting to have a real hamburger and real french fries.


You know, like in the old days.


With lettuce, tomato and a whole slice of real onion. Mustard and all the ketchup you want to squirt right out of the bottle. (No little packets to open at Harry’s.)


I’m reminded of the theme song for the sit com, Cheers, when I think of Harry’s. …..where everybody knows your name….. and they’re really glad you came….


We sat at a booth just off the main aisle to the kitchen. Kathy and Donna’s mom works the cash register on the weekends, so she chatted with us for a few minutes. Some of the staff came out of the kitchen to say hello to us and several others in the dining room.


Obviously, these girls have connections, because when we got up to the cash register Aunt Betty, the owner, took all our tickets away and refused to take our money.


So, I ran out to my car and signed a copy of The Baglady’s Guide to Elegant Living  especially to Aunt Betty. What a sweetheart she is.


If Harry’s isn’t something to ‘cheer’ about, I don’t know what is.


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