An interesting thing happened on the way to the rest of my life

For those who really know me, I’m a paper, plastic and styrofoam kind of girl. Meaning that at my house, on an ordinary day, when I’m not “putting on the dog” for company by pulling out the fine china, you’ll be eating on paper plates and eating with plastic silverware. Please forgive me; the environment has taken a back row seat to convenience in my life. However, I’m beginning to get some pretty profound messages.


Let me tell you what happened at my Duluth book signing the last week of October. As I was walking into the store, and WOW what a beautiful and BUSY store, I touched a bag that I believe has changed the course of my life. A BAG!!! That just goes to prove that the smallest thing can make a big impact. Anyway, back to the bag.


I’m an art lover, first and foremost, and it was a really great looking shopping bag. I had to touch it. Then I had just a fleeting thought, “If I had a bag like this one, maybe I would take it to the store with me and have my groceries packed in it instead of using plastic bags.”


That moment was over and I was on to my table to sign books. At the end of my time there, Heidi came toward my table to thank me. And what do you suppose was in her arms? It was that beautiful bag with a gift in it for me. Well, I couldn’t miss the message. I could almost hear the quiet voice nudging me ever so gently, ‘Dina, you said that if you had a bag like this one….’


So, to all my ‘green’ friends out there who have prayed that I would see the light, a spark has been lit. It is a small spark, granted. I still use disposable dishes, but I’m taking my bag to the store with me now.


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