Back from Duluth, MN

I got back from Duluth exactly a week ago. What a wonderful trip. First, the drive up and back was beautiful. While the trees here had not turned yet, most of the leaves had already fallen in Minnesota. And that was fine with me because I am in love with birch and aspen trees. Oh yes, their leaves are nice too, but I just love their trunks and branches.


I have always liked birch trees, but I remember exactly the year I fell in love with aspens. Kathy Campbell and I were on a trip to Colorado in May or June. It was still like spring at that time. That spring green, almost glow-in-the-dark green, was covering the mountainsides as the grass was about 6” deep and looked like a most inviting carpet. Up from that carpet of life rose the contrasting bright white trunks of hundreds of aspen trees. It was breathtaking. They looked like a multitude of angels spreading their branches and wings to the sky in celebration of spring.


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