Police Officer or Guardian Angel, You Decide

I had lunch with a young woman today. During our conversation she was telling me about the police officer that was giving her a little stress as she was attempting to make a rush trip to work. He had followed her to the first stop sign; one that she confessed to me that she usually didn’t stop for. Somehow he was ahead of her and had pulled into an on looking parking lot when she got to the second stop sign that she normally only paused at. She told me that coming to full and complete stops at both signs had taken 6 to 8 seconds off her time.


As she came upon the traffic light at the next corner, it had been green so long that she was sure she would now hit it on the red, losing even more time on her rush to work. In her mind she was blaming the cop for messing up her timing. Then, as she neared the light, it continued to stay green. Not quite to the light yet, she was hoping to make it thru. Just then a semi plowed right thru the intersection completely running the red light. Had she been in the intersection 6 to 8 seconds earlier, she would have been in a tangle with a truck. As she told me the story, she was aware that the very issue (the police officer making her slow down) that irritated her had actually saved her from harm.


I love it when that happens; the times when we actually realize that we are taken care of are so awesome. Deep down inside, I believe that it is happening all the time. God is watching over each one of us, in the best way for us each minute.  That police officer looked like a cop, but he was really a guardian angel in disguise.


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