Handling Grief in the Spirit of the Baglady



The other day I heard from Sheila Hensley again. The first anniversary of Charlie’s death (see blog post for May 7th) was this past week. She did the most unique thing I’ve ever heard a widow do to commemorate such an anniversary.


When she told me, I exclaimed with delight, “Sheila, you are such a wonderful Baglady!”

The line was silent for a moment and then I felt I better explain myself. After I did, we both laughed together, Sheila saying that she knew I would love her story.


See, the Baglady in the way I meant it was Rose, of course. And that would be anyone who follows her heart. She’s not afraid to take an action that seems so right to her even if everyone else (supposedly in their right mind) would be worried about what other people think.


A true human being lives from her heart. She hears and follows her intuition. And that is Sheila for sure!!  I suspect that, while there will never be a day in her life that she won’t think about and send loving thoughts to Charlie, she knows he is with her in spirit and she knows he wants her to live on and discover happiness again.


I know, you’re thinking stop putting it off and tell me what she did. So here goes. Sheila, her roommate and her new gentleman friend all went out in the back yard, and with hearts full, they yelled for Charlie. “Charlieeeeeeeeeeee!”  “Charlieeeeeeeee!”  And then the birds sang and a car drove by and another bird sang and they knew he heard.


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