The Cement Pond

Well, I’m finally back home after 2 back to back trips to California and the wedding of my neice in Wichita, Kansas. My cat was happy to see me and…….

I haven’t talked about my koi pond before, but with my 100 year old home, came a pond, a cement pond to be exact.  It was just a mosquito haven when I moved in. I decided to refurbish it and get some fish. Well, a person can get really attached to their fish, something I had never imagined before.

This spring, my pond was so full of algae that I couldn’t even see my pets and I did absolutely everything I could to clear up the problem. In the process, I lost 3 of the 11 koi I had and was worried about the others.

When I headed out for my 3 week journey back in early May, I fully (though sadly) expected that the rest of them would die while I was gone. I was so excited to see that they were swimming around and happy when I got home. You can’t beleive how beautiful they are. Most of them are over 12″ long now.  And…… there are about a million (really more like a thousand) tadpoles in the water as well. So, pretty soon I have a funny feeling I’ll be telling you about an over abundance of frogs.


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