Good Friends

Recently, I reconnected with Sheila Hensley, one my college roommates. Her husband passed away suddenly, about a year ago, while reading the morning paper. Just like that, a perfectly healthy man leaves the earth.


Sheila and I had lunch together this week. She brought me some of Charlie’s past sermons on CDs. Tucked inside was the newspaper article that his friend, JT Knoll, had written shortly after his death. As I sat reading it this morning, I was touched again by what a wonderful example Charlie was to all of us.


After writing about Charlie’s life long Christian ministry, JT wrote, “Charlie and I didn’t spend much time talking about religion. Don’t misunderstand me, we talked plenty about God, Buddha, mysticism, grace, love, awe, transcendence and Jesus but he never once gave me the impression that his way of praising God or living a spiritual life was the right way to go. He put forth attraction rather than promotion. As Rev. Don Talent put it in his remarks at the funeral, “Charlie was willing to stand back and let God be God.””


JT Went on the talk about poetry, another interest they had in common. He continued, “In fact we ran across one another more at local poetry readings than in church seeing as how I’m a Catholic and he was a Christian.”


As I read that, I thought about the accepting friendship these 2 men shared. Different religions and yet both committed men of God.  Oh…… but that we could all let God run the show in our lives, learn to push less and love each other more. 


That being said, I think I’ll stick a CD in and spend a little time with Charlie today.








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