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Acknowledge yourself for Small Strides

April 29, 2008

You have to acknowledge yourself for small strides… (Or what may be small strides for others that may be huge blocks for you)  Like….. for me it was my website. Holy smokes! You have no idea how I was totally intimidated, wiped out, thrown under the bus, depressed, and……. The best description of all is PARALYZED.  Like many 50 something’s, I’m behind the times in understanding the internet.  I’m a smart woman….. and yet, the internet makes me feel stupid.  


Oh, I’m not talking about email. I’ve got that down pretty good. And before Vista came out I had a fairly good handle on Microsoft Word. But other than that…….. My skills are questionable.   That leads us to Sandy, my editor, partner in crime, and soul sister.


Sandy Scherschligt (sure-slick) is my hero. She has 5 kids and the 2 oldest just became teenagers. Her husband is building a new national ministry and has relied on her to be there to support this growing program.  Over the last year she moved her elderly father to Kansas City from Michigan. She thought she could care for him at home, but that was not possible. He has had numerous health challenges and major surgeries over the last year and now he is in a memory care facility close to her home.  She has, of course, been the one to take over his care management, his finances and fighting with the insurance companies on his behalf.


All this to say that several months ago, the other half of the Baglady Team (Sandy), the one who was NOT intimidated by the web, went on “overload” and had to take time off from our project to pay fulltime attention to family matters.


THE GOOD NEWS: I called her a few weeks ago and absolutely begged her to get back to work with me.  See, Sandy and I have been thru the fire together over several years, thru a couple of joint ventures and mutual work projects. The back and forth, the both of us bringing our separate skills to a project, has been a great collaboration. Our strengths and weakness always seem to be a perfect match for projects. And the best part about our working together is the fun we have doing it.  We both have upbeat attitudes (most of the time) and a fairly outrageous sense of humor.


So now that we are working together again (until the next crisis arises in her crazy life) we have finally got the website up and running.  We can move on to the next mountain to climb and try to learn what blogging is all about.  Sandy and I are going to blog on the site together. We hope you’ll enjoy a little glimpse into our worlds. We want you to let us know how we’re doing. Help us improve it; make it more meaningful to you. Most of all, let’s bring more into one another’s lives through it.  Have a blessed day!